Stinkin' Lincon

This was not uncommon for me as I have spent the majority of my college years learning more about chemistry through consuming concoctions as opposed to making them in a lab. As I began to really regret the mixture of red bull and jäger I thrived on I noticed that I was not alone in this strange place. I was hanging half off a twin size bed that only reminded me of my horror days as a freshman, well before the off campus apartments.

As I attempted to roll over I fell off the bed and I failed to put out my arms and found that the floor was a good right feet from the top bunk I had just vacated. Upon hitting the floor I quickly rebounded and realized I was naked in a women's dorm with a freshman cheerleader from the bottom bunk eye level and staring at my dick. If this were American Pie this would be the point where she was amazed at my package but in real life she was appalled that a senior football player woke her up at 7 am on Sunday morning after homecoming.

About the time the nameless freshman became aware of my current fashion state I was saved by a familiar voice from the top bunk that said "Get back up here before you scare Jamie, she doesn't enjoy dick near as much as I do before breakfast."

As I made my naked climb back to the top bunk I started to price together my surroundings with pictures on the wall. I was in Casey Lincon's bed and apparently we were not merely acquaintances any more. Though I had often said how Hoyt Casey was in her cheer uniform the rumor around campus was that she was a strict virgin. What had drunk me talked his way into now?

I arrived at the bed and was pleasantly surprised to find Miss Lincon topless and as cute as I remember. As I reached for the covers she threw them off the bed and I was given a gift that not many men had seen before. She had a tone athletic build that consisted of B-cup bust and the puffy nipples that make you want to suck them all day. She was obviously in great shape and had the core body to show for it. Her abs were tight and she had the V leading down to the BIGGEST bush I'd ever seen!

As a college student the best practice is to keep one self clean shaven in order to accommodate any situation you may uncover. While I was known for my thick chest hair I had never experienced a woman with hair much thinker than mine. I caught myself being a little grossed out until I snapped out of it and realized I was so hard my I was hurting her side.

We immediately began making out and I was able to spend ample time with those nipples I loved so much. As the passion grew I began to allow my hand to go further, grabbing all the tight ass I could fit in my hands. I was just about to take this to another level and fight through the jungle to rub on what HAD to be a tight pussy when I was struck on the wrist and Casey lost all interest in our make out session.

She calmed down for a minute and said "do you not remember our rule from last night? I said nothing with my vagina! I am saving that for my husband!" I was a little shocked, not that I didn't remember last night, but what had we done to both be naked and horny this morning? She became upset that I had no obvious recollection but I played it off and said I would be happy to see to her needs however she requests. With a sigh she grabbed my now flaccid cock and began stroking it and soon enough we were back in action.

By no means do I always sleep with girls as hot as Casey but I also considered myself a tad too old to play the rub and tug highschool tactic. As I began to grow tired of the low pleasure she was bringing she sat up and grabbed a bottle of lube from a pouch hanging off the bed. I chuckled thinking of her having bedside lube to jack freshman off and then the surprises really began!

As I rolled over on my back to start going through my jerk off highlight tape I felt the lube pour all over my dick and balls and the bed... She wasn't playing with dry rub! Then out of no where she straddled my hips, causing my dick to pop out beside her and Nestlé into her ass crack. I was a bit confused how this would play out but I've never claimed to be rational with a hard on.

The next few seconds involved something I still don't believe happened. She grabs my dick and leans back, slowly parting her ass cheeks and rest the head of my dick against her very lubricated ass hole. While I was still trying to process this my hips came to life and in three strong thrusts I was half way in her ass and she was taking my girth like Sasha Grey. With little effort she found the bottom of my cock and and rocked back and forth as if we were old lovers. As I finally came to my sensesi grabbed her handful tits and squeezed them as hard as her ass was squeezing my dick.

As she ground her hairy clit onto me and I massaged her perky tits she began to pick up the pace and I found myself reciting football stats to now fill her ass with cum. As I got past the first wave of cum Susie was starting to ride the wave to her first orgasm. She quickly bit her lower lip to stifle her moaning and she sank her nails into my chest as wave after wave of greatness rolled from her head through her toes.

As Susie finally pulled her nails from my flesh I was shocked when she popped off my raging hard dick. I realized what was happening as she laid down and placed a pillow under her lower back. As I was taking in the scene if her gaping ass hole she drew my attention to the claw marks that were starting to lightly bleed. Instead of scaring Susie she naughtily said "Oops, looks like I need to be taught a lesson." This was not my first dominant rodeo so I wasted no time hurrying my dick in her ass.

With the added leverage I was able to really pound away at Casey's ass and she was living every second of it! I was beginning to feel brave so I reached up and began to mildly choke Casey as I pounded away. This sent her into a frenzy as she assaulted her nipples and clit as we raced towards our climax.

I began making patented short and quick strokes as I intended to win this race. As I felt my balls contract and pump cum into my shaft Casey covered her face with a pillow as she convulsed with pleasure. I had a choice of whether to paint her ass with cum or see how that beautiful face looked soaked in cum.

Casey made it an easy choice and removed the pillow. I took my hard cock out of her gaping ass and released my first load that went well over her compact frame. The next 5 ropes landed from her forehead down and I realized I made the correct choice. Having such a beautiful cheerleader covered in my seed was as proud as I've been since the conference championship game.

As we came back to reality the sex smell was undeniable! The bedding was strewn everywhere and we were exhausted. In true college form we quickly decided that we both earned breakfast and got down from the bunk.

As I was looking for my underwear I looked over and noticed Casey's roommate was completely naked and vigorously working her self to cumming. We both say in awe as she finished and eventually freaked out upon noticing us. In one of my more brilliant moments I told her "it feels much better than it sounds." She giggled and Casey invited her to breakfast, promising that we could go eat at my apartment and show her just what I meant.

To be continued...

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Stinkin' Lincon